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Shelter - GreenTerr


Greenfield Terrace120 Park Access RoadGreenville, NC, 27834(252)329-4567Facility: Shelter - GreenTerr

$40.00 $60.00

Greenfield Terrace, 102 Park Access Rd, Greenville, Parking for 50+

Greenfield Terrace is 25 acres and includes a picnic shelter (4 - 12 foot tables, seats approximately 60, and 2 charcoal grills), basketball court, baseball field, playground, 1/3 mile walking trail, Neos Playstation, and restrooms (keys required).

Greenfield Terrace is also the home of the Barnes Ebron Taft Community Center (BET) which includes a kitchenette, 25 tables, 150 chairs, and the capacity is 150 people).